Join Horsham University of the Third Age


Any person who is not fully employed is eligible to join U3A Horsham. Activities and classes are held during the day so a full time job would be difficult.

Registration Form

You may get a registration form by calling into U3A Horsham at the Old Railway Station on Railway Avenue in Horsham when it is open. Alternatively, you may print a copy of the Registration Form in PDF format, fill it in and mail it with a cheque to U3A Horsham, PO Box 706, Horsham 3402.

Membership Fees

A fee of $40 a year per person entitles members to attend any class with places available. Cash or a cheque made out to U3A Horsham is requested. A direct electronic payment from your bank account will be accepted. U3A Horsham bank details may be found on the registration form.

Materials fees, Internet access fees etc may be charged in addition to the membership fee. A 'cuppa' contribution of 50¢ per time is requested.

Enrolment Day

A formal enrolment day will be held on the 3rd Thursday in January each year at the U3A rooms in the old Railway station on Railway Ave. However, individuals may join at any time during the year by filling in the registration form and presenting it to a tutor or committee member with the membership fee. Alternatively, it may be mailed to U3A Horsham, PO Box 706, Horsham 3402 with the registration fee and list of classes the person wishes to attend.


Besides access to classes a Newsletter published 5 times a year (approximately every 2 months) is mailed to members. This Newsletter provides the timetable for the following 2 months as well as news and information about classes and U3A activities. You may also access PDF copies of the latest newsletter and timetables from the News page.