Physical Exercise

Gentle Exercises
   Convenor - YMCA

Enjoy exercise to music. Exercise is not strenuous but keeps the participants moving and using their brains as well as their muscles. It meets each Tuesday morning at 10.30 at the Aquatic Centre.

Seated Gentle Exercise
   Tutor - Judy Hazelden;  

This program is appropriate for all fitness levels, as you can work at your own pace. It enables people to maintain, improve or gain strength, balance, fitness and coordination. It meets at 9.30am each Wednesday morning, except for the 3rd Wednesday which commences at 9.00am.

Table Tennis
   Convenor - Jeff Pekin

Come for a social game of Table Tennis and a lot of fun. This group begins at 9am each Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

Tai Chi
   Tutor - Pamela Deckert - Convenor Sandra Decker

This group meets at 9.30am Tuesday morning at Hamilton Lamb Hall.