Arts & Crafts

Acrylic Painting
   Tutor - Alison Driscoll

A small group meets on Tuesday mornings at 10am to learn and practice skills in Acrylic and Water Colour painting, and Pastel and Pencil drawing.

Card Making
   Tutor - Doreen Jenkins

Small group learning and developing greeting card making skills.

China Painting
   Tutor - Joyce Lane

Create beautiful designs on china. Use paints suitable for this craft. Firing follows the painting to complete the design. The class meets weekly on Mondays from 10 to 12, then resuming after lunch.


Knitting & Crochet
   Tutor - Maxine Ferguson

The tutor is even able to teach you left handed methods of enjoying these crafts.

Oil Painting
   Tutor - Edith Whyatt

Find out how to use oils to create a pleasing picture. Most pictures are done from photographs rather than real life objects. The group meets each Friday beginning at 9.30am.

Patchwork & Stitching
   Tutor - Margery Pannan

You may already know something about how to sew or do patchwork or not. Here is the place to learn. The group meets on the Thursday at 10.30.