Technology Group

   Convenor - Robin Ellis

Get Connected with the Technology Group in 2018

"Connectivity" has become a new buzz word we are hearing more of lately, as technology and its multitude of applications has begun shaping our lives over the next decade. Not interested in the future? Well sorry folks, the future started yesterday, and you are part of it!

With a hard core of supporters who have been looking at issues such as the diversity of computer systems, tablets, phones, and software, as well as the latest known spam, and scams etc. the Group has largely become a "self-help" forum. Not only are we exploring latest developments, and where technology is taking us, but also solving Members’ individual problems as they arise.

Whilst the Group is always looking to the future, they are mindful that within our age group, revision from time to time is beneficial. This is where newcomers (absolute novices) can be accommodated, without holding back the rest of the Class. We have already demonstrated our ability to have several activities running concurrently, using the speciality expertise of individual members to create "workshop" groups.

Our programme for 2019 shall see our Friday Sessions organised into two separate Classes:

1st and 3rd Fridays will be set aside for competent users and covering specific topics and programmes

2nd and 4th Fridays will be specifically used to cover basics and revision, as maybe needed for newcomers and less confident Members.

Some have indicated they will attend all.

Overall the following areas will be featured:

  • Tuition for the absolute beginners and /or previous "workforce users" wanting to revise or advance keyboard skills, or just to become internet "surfers"

  • What should I buy? Why not first learn what a Laptop, Note Book, Tablet, or Smart Phone can do for you, and how all these are becoming synonymous in their operation

  • Do you want to know how to get your vinyl records into digital format, how to download and store pictures from a camera or phone, to your computer, create cards or certificates, or prepare secretarial or financial documents or reports?

  • Maybe you just want to create an email account to keep in touch with the Grandkids; be warned, they are way ahead of you already! Visual presentations of photos and video clips will become essentials. What’s Facebook all about? etc. etc.

  • One Member who, after a session delivered by a guest speaker last year, began using an application to translate messages into the Swiss language to send to her friend in Switzerland – this year several Members have given us presentations which included an early pictorial history of Horsham City: a trip to Egypt and the Upper Nile, from a digital camera; and growing up on the lower Murrumbidgee and "Yanga" Station, from Photos, documents, videos, and personal commentary

  • Or perhaps you really wish to become serious and do your banking online, buy and sell goods on sites such as eBay, or even activate your MyGov site, where all your personal Medical, Medicare and CentreLink details are stored?

Want to know more?

Well, answers are now all at our fingertips, and our "seasoned" members of the Class are willing and able to help you unlock them on "your" device.

We have our own Class Wi Fi network and can demonstrate procedures from a Laptop by means of an overhead projector to a wall screen. All it needs is you to roll up with your device, and become part of the Class.

We meet 1:30 p.m. Fridays in the main room, usually commencing with an open forum on "who has had a problem, or encountered or read something worthy of mention in the past week. This sometimes becomes the main topic for the session; similarly requests for specific topics can be made to be covered in ensuing Classes.

By 3:00 p.m. many are ready to depart, but our time slot runs until 5:00 p.m. so we can cater for anyone wishing to stay a little longer for additional assistance.

As one very computer competent lady in the Class commented, "a certain amount of what we do is repetitive, but at our age that is quite handy; if I can help another Member that is fine, but I have never left a day’s Class with having learned something totally new"